Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You know you're a runner when...

post taken from: runningjunkies

You know you are a runner when…….

- Your long runs start at 3 in the morning
- You run around cars (for your warm up)
- You have packed your entire race day outfit two weeks prior to the race
- In Florida hill repeats are actually bridge repeats (if you could find one) There are no hills in Florida with exception of Space Mountain at Disney
- Drivers yell at you to get out of the way even when you are running on the sidewalk
- You’ve been trampled/ almost trampled by another runner
- You come back after a race and rest week to find out you can run your routes with your eyes closed.
- You’ve been to Starbucks at least once
- You’ve run with the pain of chafing
- A dog has either bitten you or followed you back to your home or car 
- You register for a race even after you swore you were never to run it again
-You’ve forgotten what its like not to run 
- You can get in an ice bath with your running clothes on and  launder them at the same time 
- You get a severe case of shin splints  at east once a week
- Body Glide can also be utilized as Butt Glide
- You think its funny when runners from the northeast can’t handle the heat and they think its funny you find 75 to be too cold to run 
- You know where to find the best running stores and what is in each aisle
- You have tried every flavor of GU gels and still love Espresso Love
- An easy run is an oxymoron 
Feel free to add on…..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 1

Today marked the 1st day in my 1/2 marathon training. I am following the program written by Jeff Galloway for beginner runners. It consists of running 3 days a week with one of those days being a long run of assigned miles and the other two days are just 30 min runs.

I ran down to St. Joes and back and I think thats a little over 2 miles.

The front of my left hip has been feeling a little weird and I remember it acting this way last year when I was in a running class. I need to pay special attention to icing it down and stretching it well. NO INJURIES!

Until Thursday... Downtown Bridge run is in the works!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Mile

I joined Daily Mile today and added a widget to the blog. I need one more thing to keep track of like a need a hole in my head.. but hey.. thats what I do!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stomach Flu vs. Stadium

5k Stadium Challenge 2011

Everbank Field, Jacksonville, FL

Aug. 13, 2011


Sorry about the post delay.. I haven't had internet at my house for 2 weeks.

August 13th was a crazy day. Around 3pm that afternoon, I started feeling sick to my stomach. My race wasn't until 9:10 that evening so I didn't think too much about it. I started chugging the Pepto and sipping some Sprite. Around 7pm, I decided to run a mile to see how I felt. It felt alright...weak...but doable. So, off I went to the race!
I think I look a little pale..

Anyway, while I waited I struggled with the idea of starting. I felt horrible. Part of me was saying DON'T DO IT and the other part was saying YOU CAN DO IT- JUST SUCK IT UP. Its that whole angel/devil concept.

So, I did it.

It was fun! The first mile and a half was flat through the parking lot. Then it was 6 or 7 ramps up to the top of the stadium, 4 down, around the mezzinine, up 4 ramps, then all the way back down and onto the field, back out and done. They had music playing the whole time and Jaguars highlights playing on the jumbotron. I finished in 43:10 - 538th out of 1384 total finishers. I got my first medal!

After race stretch

And the final picture was taken shortly before the world starting turning black...
Needless to say, I walked very slowly to my sisters car. Unfortunately, I did not make it home without having to heave my upper body out of her car window and lose my Gatorade.

Oh well, such is life! On to the next!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pet Peeves

Race tonight!! It got me thinking.. what are your pet peeves when it comes to races? I think the biggest one for me is people who wear the race day t-shirt the day of the race. In my opinion, you haven't earned the t-shirt yet.

Do you have any racing pet peeves? 

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Goal

January 7th, 2012 is the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. I have a huge trip planned with my family to attend!

I have started using the Jeff Galloway training program to prepare. The training is an 18 week program that offically begins on August 30th. I've been doing my own thing now for weeks and honestly, I haven't been very consistent. I'm having a good week if I run 3-6 miles that week. Things need to change soon!

Tomorrow, I am running in the 5K Stadium Challenge at Everbank Field. This 5K Stadium Challenge is a "stadium run" that will take runners up all seven levels of EverBank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars! This event is a fundraising event with proceeds benefitting the Duval County Athletic Foundation to help save athletic programs in Duval County Public High Schools. I am pretty excited!!

My next race is on September 11th - Believe in Heros 8K. I should be well into my 1/2 marathon training by then. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The first post

I decided to start a blog to log all of my running tales & training. The title comes from what my son Brandon says to me before every run.. "You gonna run, Mommy?" - "Yes Brandon, I'm going to run."