Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 5: Over & Injured

I haven't run again since Tuesday. My hip is just not right. I'm going to reevaluate on this upcoming Tuesday. What really sucks is that I have a race on Saturday. A Mud Run at that... not just a simple 5K along the street. <Insert large sigh here>

I was thinking about my injury this morning. A few months ago, I noticed that if I was standing and rotate around to walk, my hip would pop. I think I looked that up and it was just one of those getting old things. I wonder now if it was the start of whatever this is.

Explanation of whats bothering me.. lets see.. the side and the back of my left hip. It hurts when pressure is applied as I walk. Also, the front outside of my left shin is bothering me too. Its tender to touch and gives a good pull when I point my toes. I've tried rolling it out but nothing seems to be helping that either.

I'm pretty depressed about all this.

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