Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of Week 2: Believe in Heroes 8K

The end of week 2 was supposed to be 4 miles but since I had registered for this race - I did 5 miles well 4.97ish.

The race started at The Landing, went over the Acosta Bridge, Main Street Bridge, down Riverside Ave, then back to the landing via a stretch along the river. The Wounded Warrior Project aims to put the veteran back in Veteran's Day by highlighting the sacrifices, challenges and triumphs the warriors and their families experience.

Pre-Race Concert

 This is my mother in law pre-race. She is a run/walker...but mostly a walker. I think she is a race addict. :)
And this is me pre-race - feeling confidant!

Artifact from the World Trade Center

Main Street Bridge Pre-Race view

Acosta Bridge Pre-Race View

Me - Post Race

MIL Post Race

Over all, it was a great race. I finished 1:03:10 but I think 1st Place Sports says I finished 1:03:08. Whatever.. doesnt matter too much. The bridge training that I have been doing really paid off. I ran up and over each bridge/incline that presented itself. In total, there were four. I finished before the fire fighters that were running/walking in full gear and I finished before the old man with the knee brace. That to me was the most important goal to accomplish because he has beaten me before.

I have a feeling that its going to hurt to walk tomorrow...

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