Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 4: (Off Day) Race Times

Race                           Distance                     Time                Pace
Jax Sym                       4mi                               45:39               11:24
NeverQuit                    3.1mi                            38:53               12:32
MemDay                      3.1mi                            34:50               11:14
Celebration                   3.1mi                            43:07               13:54
NeverQuit                    3.1mi                            43:52               14:09
Stadium Chall               3.1mi                            43:10               13:55
BelieveinHeroes            4.97mi                          1:03:09           12:42

My pace is improving! The Memorial Day 5K was a race that I was training in a running class for. I think that is why I did so well. The Florida Striders are an AWESOME group. Shortly after that, I hurt my knee & I got pregnant. The Celebration 5K was my last race due to those reasons. As you can see, the Never Quit was my first race back after the pregnancy. It was pretty tough and wicked hot!! I didn’t do so well, but it felt good to be back. Looking at these numbers, it looks like I’m getting better. My next race is the Jax Mud Fest and I don’t think it will be helping my numbers any! I am debating on signing up for the Evergreen Pumpkin 5K at the end of October. I would do the 10mi but according to my training log – its an easy week!

Reviewing the numbers though, I guess I have a 13 min pace which has me finishing the ½ Marathon at around 2 hours and 50 mins. My goal is 2:45. I think its doable!

What has been your best time?

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