Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 4: End with 5 miles and an ass kicking

This week was kind of slack. I was only able to run for about 17 mins on Tuesday and my Thursday run got "tech supported out". Meaning, I was on the phone with AT&T trying to get my computer to start working again for over an hour. By the time I got off of the phone it was after 9pm and I was just burnt out.

So, today I ran 5 miles as scheduled per my Jeff Galloway training program. I met up with a local group of chicks that run around the JCP at 6am. In other words, I smoke too much crack and make crazy decisions to hang out with other nuts. These ladies are wicked  nice but they are so much more advanced than myself. I felt like a loser. Well, maybe not a loser but I didnt want to hold anyone back. My friend "M" stayed with me which I think was cool with her because she was a bit hung over and probably welcomed the well.. break.
"M" did push me and kept me going. Towards the middle my hips started to hurt and we switched to a run/walk method. She said that she noticed that I was running faster once we started that method. Hmmm, maybe thats something to concentrate on during my long runs. I just don't want to be that girl that says OH its been 3 mins I have to stop running now.

Overall, it was a good run. I think it took somewhere between an hour and 5 mins and an hour and 10 mins. Not sure because I was too clouded to start my watch when we took off. "M" offered me some good advice and it was nice to be broken out of my own pace for a change. 

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